Cobra Slim Pant

By Bhujang Style

$ 180.00

The best yoga pants in the world. V2. 

The quick and dirty of the Coba slim pant is this: They have the same fit and construction as our famed Cobra Pant from the waist to the knee, but from the knee down, they taper towards the ankle. If you like the look of slim-fit jeans, you'll love the Cobra Slim.

The Cobra Slim is the thin fit version of the ultimate men’s yoga pant. But it's also the ultimate pant for travel, martial arts, work, dancing, or lounging. Basically for any activity where you want to move and look great at the same time. These will look amazing and function perfectly scaling a 40' wall as well as in the front cabin of your international flight.

Designed for the highest levels of performance on the mat, these pants also look great anywhere you want to wear them. They show off all the right parts of your body, and thanks to our unique cut, they do this without providing details that might prove distracting in the wrong circumstances.

How they fit



The Cobra Slim pant is designed so that if you buy a size that correlates to your normal jeans waist size, the pants will fit snugly.

This is where the Cobra Slim pant really shines.

The gentle pressure against the skin helps you tell where you are in space. This is called proprioception, and it can help take your yoga practice to the next level. Knowing exactly where you are allows you to make adjustments in your alignment that lead to a more beneficial and enjoyable practice. Not to mention, they make you look great.

If you prefer a looser look, you can order one size up from your normal jeans waist size and the draw string embedded in the waistband will keep your pants in place for any activity.

Our proprietary fabric is incredibly luxurious to the touch, and the simple act of putting these pants on is pleasure-inducing gift for your lower half. There simply isn’t another fabric like ours, and once you put these pants on, you won’t want to take them off.

Modal is one of the most eco-friendly fabrics anywhere. It’s made from beech trees, a highly renewable resource, but the big difference between Modal and other similar fabric is in the way it’s taken from plant to fiber. While Bamboo, for instance, is a great renewable resource, the process that takes the raw bamboo and makes it into fiber is actually highly toxic to the environment. Modal, on the other hand, uses a process invented by the Lenzing company of Germany that is completely non-toxic and CO2 neutral.

The most impressive quality of this MicroModal is the feel against the skin. Once you put on a pair of our Cobra pants, you may not ever want to take them off. They are really that nice.


Made in the USA

These pants are hand-sewn by an amazing factory in Ventura, CA. They take the greatest of care to make sure that every seam and stitch works perfectly to give these pants their unique form and function.

Not only are the pants sewn in the US, the Modal and the Spandex that are used in our pants are also made in the USA. This may seem like a small point, but when you look at the ecological nightmare that much overseas manufacturing creates (, compared with, for instance, our finishing house which doesn't leach a drop of nastiness into the surrounding wilderness, you can see that it really does make a huge difference.

Combine an incredible feel, a stunning look, and high-end performance on the mat, and you get the best men’s yoga pants in the world.  

Customer Reviews

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Great pants, and very efficient

Great pants, and very efficient service delivery, particularly given that I am in Australia.

Great, but not excellent.

These pants are at an ultra premium price point, so I have ultra high expectations. Out the box, the first thing I noticed was the thickness of the fabric and weight on the pants. I was immediate concern about the pants make me hot and sweaty, like a thick pair of jeans on a hot summers day.

I tried them on and WOW, they feel like a glove. Soft and stretchy, with a light feeling of compression/support. The compression feeling of running tights combined the soft feeling of a pair of your favorite joggers. The fabric wears light. Heat just disappears. They're so freakin' comfy!

My only gripe, the copy on the YFM website touts the privacy of these pants, stating: "You probably already know why most men don't wear tight-fitting pants to class, they are just too revealing... [skip forward and the value propostion of these pants is] your mat mates won't be able to see all the unnecessary details in the front."

Do a lunge pose and -the details in the front- are (most definitely) on display, even with boxers underneath. While standing, the view is awkward too; I believe the technical term is "moose knuckle." I'm going to buy a couple of pairs of boxers with privacy panels; I'm pretty sure that will solve the issue. That being said, these pants are significantly more private than running tights. They're the best pants I've tried for yoga too. The ultra premimum price point has me expecting a litte more!

Cobra Slim Pants

Hello, I'm actually trying to find out how to return the pants as they are to big. Can you please help me with this?

Thanks, Jim

Cobra Slim Pantss

absolutely love these pants. best yoga pants by far as I own many pair of lulu lemon as well. the quality and performance is awesome. well done on these pants. look fwd to picking up some more

Cobra yoga slim pants

This item is so comfortable, I am ordering another pair.

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