Orphic V

By Bhujang Style

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Yoga. Action. Style.

The Orphic V

Insanely comfortable.

Flexible in all directions.

Great looking.

It's simple elegance with a hidden power. It works with any kind of outfit, and plays as nicely under a sport coat as it does on the yoga mat.

This is no ordinary shirt. Its got an incredibly stylish and flattering cut, it's made out of our proprietary eco-friendly fabric, and between the stretch and the softness of the material, it is just ridiculously comfortable. Consistent with the Bhujang tradition, once you put on the Orphic V, you might not ever want to take it off. 

It's not just for lounging, though. The Orphic V is made for performance, first and foremost. Tired of your shirt plowing up under your chin in down dog or handstand? Not with the Orphic V. It has a little extra length and a slim cut that keeps it where it's supposed to be, regardless of your orientation in space.

We chose a v-neck for our first shirt style because we simply hate that feeling of something pressing against our throats when we're moving on the mat. Don't worry, though, it will probably be the best-looking active shirt you have ever worn.



One of the very unique things about this shirt is that you can probably wear at least 3 different sizes.

If you get the same size as you would any t-shirt, you'll get the standard Bhujang Style fit. Just sung enough to be comfortable and to stay in place.

If you get one size down, you'll get a tighter, light-compression feel that fits like a warm embrace.

If you get a size up, the shirt will fit like a regular t-shirt with an ultra-luxurios feel, but it might not stay so perfectly in place when you are totally upside down.

The best fit is going to be influenced by the relationship between your waist size and you shoulder width. For instance, if you have have a very slim waist, and if the shirt's stability during handstand is a major concern, then go for a size down. The extra flex is going to accommodate your shoulders, even if they are very wide relative to your waist.

On the other hand, if you've got a little extra material in the abdominal department, that can help your shirt stay in place, so you can go for a larger size.


Eco friendly

Modal fabric is simply amazing stuff. It's made from Beech trees, a highly renewable and self-sustaining resource that can grow in almost any soil. The creation of the fibers is done in Germany through an ultra clean process that is far more friendly to the environment than almost any other fiber made.

Not only is it friendly to the environment, it's also incredibly friendly to your skin. The feel of this fabric is insanely comfortable, and you will easily want to wear this shirt all day long.

Made in the USA!

This shirt is hand-sewn by an amazing group of people in Philadelphia, PA. They take the greatest of care to make sure that every seam and stitch works perfectly to give the Orphic V its unique form and function.

Not only is the shirt sewn in the USA, but the fabric itself is knitted in New Jersey. The yarn is spun Georgia, and even the Spandex is made in the Carolinas. So when you are buying Bhujang Style clothing, you are helping to to create real jobs for great people and supporting clean and sustainable industry in the USA. Thanks.


Customer Reviews

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V-Neck Yoga Shirt

Fit perfectly. Moved with me, not against me. Did not have to adjust the shirt or fall down over my head. Planning on buying a second one.

Like a gloove

I love the T-shirt. It's the best T-shirt in the world for Yoga and lounging. Once you put it on, you will not want to take it off. The T-shirt feels better than my own skin!

If you have a skinny build and don't want to look even skinny, size up; even if you have a slightly athletic build, consider sizing up.

That being said:

The price point is ridiculously high. I feel vain and stupid for buying a T-shirt that costs this much money. The made in America stamp has become a justification for exorbitant pricing. America isn't the center of the world and clothing can be more than responsibly manufactured in many countries. The responsible choice is to select the best person/entity for the job. I'm not implying YFM has or hasn't done this. I'm stating an overarching principle and problem with society. I'm curious if YFM shares this viewpoint?

At the end of the day, it's YFM's prerogative... I feel more people would be able to enjoy these T-shirts and the Bhujang Style brand if the price point was lower (and that it would yield a higher NET profit for the shareholders).

Great shirt -great material!

Love it and now I am waiting for some new colors to come out.

Awesomely Soft and Comfortable

This shirt is awesomely soft and comfortable.

Great-high quality product

Their items are so great fitting that it's like it was custom made

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