Bhujang CobraLuxe™ Fabric


Beech Tree

Our yoga clothes are luxuriously comfortable and are made of our proprietary fabric, CobraLuxe™ , a four-way stretch fabric that is largely MicroModal®, one of the most eco-friendly fibers in the world, develped in Germany by the Lenzing company.

While perfecting the design and fit of the pants we began to look for eco-friendly fabric that would be close-fitting to provide that secure and comfortable feel, stretch to move with the body, and stand up to repeated home laundering.

Much interaction with Asian mills yielded nothing but near misses, with fabrics that were close, but ultimately not perfect. The search led back to the U.S. where a group of fabric gurus worked to develop a proprietary blend featuring MicroModal®, a fiber made from beech trees, a highly sustainable source yielding a very eco-friendly fabric. We call this proprietary blend, CobraLuxe™.

We run our company on very low margins in order to support the principles that so desperately need to be supported. Our fabric is hyper eco-freindly, the yarn is spun in the USA, the fabric is knitted in the USA, and the clothing is cut and sewn in the USA, providing jobs and real wages.

Even though we’re pretty sure we make the most expensive men’s yoga pants the Earth has ever known, when you factor in the true costs of clothing and fabric made overseas, our stuff seems dirt cheap by comparison.