We set out to design the perfect high-end men's yoga pant. We wanted pants that really performed on the mat, that looked good off the mat, and that were so comfortable you would want to wear them all the time. Reviews like these, and countless personal emails and in-person comments we've gotten from yogis around the world serve as feedback to us that we are doing something right. 

These are not edited, and this list contains each and every review of our clothing written by actual purchasers.

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Best yoga pants

Great pants!

Thanks, Raul!!!
Great pants, and very efficient

Great pants, and very efficient service delivery, particularly given that I am in Australia.

Cobra pant


Orphic V
V-Neck Yoga Shirt

Fit perfectly. Moved with me, not against me. Did not have to adjust the shirt or fall down over my head. Planning on buying a second one.

Orphic V
Like a gloove

I love the T-shirt. It's the best T-shirt in the world for Yoga and lounging. Once you put it on, you will not want to take it off. The T-shirt feels better than my own skin!

If you have a skinny build and don't want to look even skinny, size up; even if you have a slightly athletic build, consider sizing up.

That being said:

The price point is ridiculously high. I feel vain and stupid for buying a T-shirt that costs this much money. The made in America stamp has become a justification for exorbitant pricing. America isn't the center of the world and clothing can be more than responsibly manufactured in many countries. The responsible choice is to select the best person/entity for the job. I'm not implying YFM has or hasn't done this. I'm stating an overarching principle and problem with society. I'm curious if YFM shares this viewpoint?

At the end of the day, it's YFM's prerogative... I feel more people would be able to enjoy these T-shirts and the Bhujang Style brand if the price point was lower (and that it would yield a higher NET profit for the shareholders).

Great, but not excellent.

These pants are at an ultra premium price point, so I have ultra high expectations. Out the box, the first thing I noticed was the thickness of the fabric and weight on the pants. I was immediate concern about the pants make me hot and sweaty, like a thick pair of jeans on a hot summers day.

I tried them on and WOW, they feel like a glove. Soft and stretchy, with a light feeling of compression/support. The compression feeling of running tights combined the soft feeling of a pair of your favorite joggers. The fabric wears light. Heat just disappears. They're so freakin' comfy!

My only gripe, the copy on the YFM website touts the privacy of these pants, stating: "You probably already know why most men don't wear tight-fitting pants to class, they are just too revealing... [skip forward and the value propostion of these pants is] your mat mates won't be able to see all the unnecessary details in the front."

Do a lunge pose and -the details in the front- are (most definitely) on display, even with boxers underneath. While standing, the view is awkward too; I believe the technical term is "moose knuckle." I'm going to buy a couple of pairs of boxers with privacy panels; I'm pretty sure that will solve the issue. That being said, these pants are significantly more private than running tights. They're the best pants I've tried for yoga too. The ultra premimum price point has me expecting a litte more!

Great yoga gear

Great to buy from these guys and quality products..Very quick postage..Will be buying again soon.Thanx Troy

Extremely well made

Heavy and extremely well made.. I will probably only use these when I teach or do a Yin class. The material is too thick to breathe for a Vinyasa or Baptiste class.

Kurtis Linn

I've been practicing for 25 years. The Cobra pant by Bhujang Style are the finest yoga pants I've ever had or tried. They can be worn as yoga pants, regular pants (pockets!), sweats or pajamas.

Cobra Slim Pants

Hello, I'm actually trying to find out how to return the pants as they are to big. Can you please help me with this?

Thanks, Jim

Best yoga pants out there

Just love the way these pants fit and function. So durable and they observe moisture amazingly. Hands down my go to pants going forward. Love the way they fit as well. Super stylish so you can wear outside of class.

Kurtis Linn

I have a 25 year ashtanga-based practice. The Bhujang Classic Cobra Pants is the finest men's garment I have ever worn.
Now, on to ordering my third pair!

Cobra Slim Pantss

absolutely love these pants. best yoga pants by far as I own many pair of lulu lemon as well. the quality and performance is awesome. well done on these pants. look fwd to picking up some more

Great shorts

wow, wow, wow. did I wrote it 3 times? :-)
Most comfortable yoga shorts I've ever bought.
Smart cut, light and soft. Great product. period.

Viper shorts

Excellent product. I like it because is the best yoga pants ever.

Classic Cobra Pants

Guys, you won't want to take these off!

Cobra yoga slim pants

This item is so comfortable, I am ordering another pair.

Knocked it out of the park

Easily my favorite shorts so far. (I’ve owned several pair of Luluemon over the years.) Very comfortable, soft material. Fit is a combination of close around the hem and lose in the leg so there’s room for movement and privacy—if you catch my drift. These are great for the mat or just hanging around the house.

Excellent Men's Yoga Pants

The are fantastic for when I teach. They are extremely well made and should last a long time, well worth the expense. It is great to be able to wear them to and from the studio and not get looks about the crazy yoga pants I wear! It would be fantastic if there were a lighter weight version to wear to more active classes. Having a longer style of yoga pants on during a sweaty Baptiste or of Hot Flow class is great for when the arm balances start. No sweaty knees and elbows to slip off of!

Best yoga pants ever

So happy with these pants. I have many Lululemon yoga pants, but I have to say, these pants are stylish and fit perfectly. Love the design and material. They bring yoga pants up to the next level with how they look and feel and perform. I'm now hooked with your product!

Almost Great

Recently purchased and received the Cobra Slim pants and they are very nice. The material is quite comfortable and heavy - probably not for summer or warm weather use. As some other reviewers have mentioned a crotch gusset would be a great addition as well as some other colors. Will most likely purchase again but need to wait for my wallet to recover - these are pricey!

Orphic V
Great shirt -great material!

Love it and now I am waiting for some new colors to come out.

Great quality

Never had a pair of pants that felt this good in that were this comfortable. These things are stylish and every way. And the yoga studio and even when traveling. Thanks for making a great product

Kurtis Linn

Haven't received them yet. Received notification of a shipment from Urban Outfitters. Do the pants ship from there?

Review of shorts

After a few months wearing them, I still like them very much. One thing I have a problem with is the tie string. They always seem a little short. Super comfortable.