VIPER SHORT in Longer Length

By Bhujang Style

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Viper Short 

Based on the original Cobra Short, the Viper Short is a limited-edition piece that we made as a present for our existing customers, but the remaining pairs are available to everyone. 

The Vipers are very similar to the Cobra, with three main differences:

  • The Viper comes in two lengths, long and short.
  • The Viper uses a slightly different version of our proprietary fabric. 
  • The Viper has bad-ass viper hand-screened onto the left leg.


The shorts.

Designed for supreme performance on the mat and high style on the street, these shorts are great for yoga, martial arts, travel, or any other activity where you want to move and look good at the same time. They will perform in any yoga pose, flying side kick, or gymnastics routine, and their extreme comfort will help you chill in style in any locale.

One of the things you'll instantly appreciate about these shorts is that they don't fall up (down) in your face when you're doing a handstand, downward dog, or other inversion. Check out Clint in those pictures to the left.

The Cobra shorts are made out of a proprietary blend of MicroModal, with just enough Spandex to give them the perfect flex. The fabric is amazingly comfortable and luxurious on the skin with a weight that makes you feel secure and extremely well-styled.åÊ

Once you put them on, you won't want to take them off.



The magic of the Cobra Shorts is in their unique design.

For quite some time now, men have been unable to avoid noticing that women love to wear tight-fitting yoga pants. Contrary to what you might imagine, though, the pleasure of your vision is not the only reason why almost every woman in any yoga studio wears such close-fitting pants.

There are two huge benefits that most men don't know anything about:

1. They feel great

2. Proprioception

We all know what feeling great means, and the minute that you put on a pair of Cobra Shorts you'll know why we went through all the trouble.

The lesser-known benefit is the proprioception that tight-fitting shorts provide. Proprioception is the body's ability to know where it is in space. When you practice in a pair of Cobra shorts, the fabric's snug fit against your skin gives you feedback about where you are, and you automatically adjust, improving your alignment, deepening your practice, and making it much more enjoyable. In our experience, if you get used to wearing the Cobra Shorts and then return to your loose-fitting sweats or shorts, you'll really miss the benefits that the Cobra shorts provide.


The issue with men's yoga pants

You probably already know why most men don't wear tight-fitting shorts to class, except for some of you highly-committed Bikram guys, but even Hot Yoga aficionados don't wear those shorts out on the street. They are just too revealing. Our big challenge was to create a pair of shorts that gives you the awesome feeling that you get from a tight fit, but without forcing your classmates to become hyper-aware of your personal details.

The Cobra shorts feature a unique cut that is meant to de-emphasize the prominence of your business and a privacy panel to make the specifics just a little more vague, so that you can wear these awesome shorts to the store, on the field, on the court, on the plane, or anywhere that your adventure carries you without serving as too much of a distraction to those around you. In the front, they look like highly stylish jeans or pants, but in the back, they somehow manage to make your following side look better than it ever has.



These shorts have front and rear pockets, a faux fly, and high-contrast stitching in just the right places. We considered putting belt loops on them, but we decided that they weren't the most comfortable thing to lay on in Shavasana, so we left them off. Look for them perhaps on a future model.åÊ

One of the unique features you'll come to appreciate is the stretchable draw string. You can tighten the shorts so that they fit perfectly, but then you can leave the drawstring as it is and still get in and out of them, take a leak, or do whatever you might need to do, all without having to constantly re-tie your knot.


Eco friendly

Modal fabric is simply amazing stuff. The fibers are made in Germany from Beech trees, a highly renewable and self-sustaining resource that can grow in almost any soil. The creation of the fibers is done through an incredibly clean process that is far more friendly to the environment than almost any other fiber made.

Not only is it friendly to the environment, it's also incredibly friendly to your skin. The feel of this fabric is insanely comfortable, and you will easily want to wear these pants all day long.



Our sizing is designed so that if you purchase a pair based on the size you would usually order, you'll get the classic Cobra fit: snug through the thigh and ending right at or below the knee, depending on the person. They look sleek, modern, and highly attractive on almost any body type. This is the fit that these pants were designed for. You get great proprioception (knowing where you are in space), and your backend will be highly regarded, but your mat mates won't be able to see all the unnessesary details in the front.

If you order one size up from what you normally might, you'll get a looser fit, but the drawstring will help keep them in place. Here's a general guide.



Small 28-30
Medium 31-33
Large 34-36
XL 37-39
XXL 40-44


The longer inseam on the Cobra Shorts is going to be a bit longer than some folks desire, but the shorts are easily hemmable to whatever length you want. You can keep them long or hem them all the way up to shorter than short, and they'll still look great. These are shorts that you'll want to wear all the time, so the little bit of effort to achieve your perfect length will be well worth it.


Made in the USA!

These shorts are hand-sewn by an amazing group of people in Philadelphia, PA. They take the greatest of care to make sure that every seam and stitch works perfectly to give these shorts their unique form and function.

Not only are the pants sewn in the USA, but the fabric itself is knitted in New Jersey. The yarn is spun in the US, and even the Spandex is made here, so when you are buying a pair of Bhujang shorts, you are helping to to create real jobs for great people and supporting clean and sustainable industry in the USA. Thanks.


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Great yoga gear

Great to buy from these guys and quality products..Very quick postage..Will be buying again soon.Thanx Troy

Viper shorts

Excellent product. I like it because is the best yoga pants ever.

Great Shorts

My Bhujang Viper Shorts are very comfortable. My favorite yoga pants!

Finally, someone got it right!!!

I was a little apprehensive at first, but when I put the shorts on I knew immediately the right choice was made. I decided to put them to the test with a Hot Yoga class and I was not disaapointed. My "package" was secure and I felt more confident performing inverted poses. I plan on ordering another set once my color is in stock.


Loved the yoga pants and the tee

Thanks, John!
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