Bhujang is Back!

After taking a few detours, Bhujang Style is back!

We have a new production facility in California, and the quality of our clothing has taken another quantum leap. It was already great, but now it's even better, if you can believe that. We're still using the same proprietary, eco-friendly and sumptuous fabric that we originally developed to create the what we really think are the world's best men's yoga pants.

We've also moved to this new site,, which some of you may remember from the old days.

You may have noticed that we no longer have many sales. The only way to get Bhujang Style at occasionally lower prices is to get on our mailing list, so look for that sign-up form, or just drop us a line.

We've got some really cool stuff coming down the line, so check back often, and don't ever hesitate to get in touch!


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