We like to say that we’ve designed the world’s best men’s yoga pant. This is partly a fun, intentionally immodest, and playful way to get your attention.

We also think it’s 100% true.

We spent an extremely long time designing these, getting the cut just right, creating our own luxurious and eco-friendly fabric, and learning exactly how to put them together so that they would be as comfortable and effective on the mat as they are good looking.

You have told us that we hit the mark by making the best and clearest statement possible: you bought them all.

We’ve been out of stock in most sizes for far too long, but we are so happy to announce that all sizes are now shipping. 

Also, because we suspect that barely anyone actually reads these posts, and especially not this far down in a post where we are just tooting our own horn, we are going to throw this in...[deleted for posterity]