Bhujang Style - How it Happened

We've come a long way since we thought our clothing was only for yoga, but here's a peek into Bhujang's roots. From back in 2013...

Bhujang Style was born out of the glaring realization that there simply were not any good yoga pants for men on the market.

In most yoga studios, men wear basketball shorts, sweatpants, or even board shorts, and these all fail miserably as yoga clothing, a fact that even we didn't fully appreciate until we had designed some truly awesome pants and put them to the test.

True, there were some pants being marketed as men's yoga pants, but since we don't say anything at all if we can't say anything nice, we're not going to say anything about them– well, nothing other than "Thanks," since each time we tried on a pair of the existing yoga pants, we were inspired to keep going with ours.

We wanted to make pants that performed great on the mat, but we also wanted them to look good, and not just good enough for our fellow yogis and yoginis to admire for a few minutes a week, but good enough to wear to the store, to work, on the plane– especially in the front of the plane, since that's where we like to sit.

Besides not being able to find anything decent to wear in class, yogis (and martial artists and other generally mobile guys) often find ourselves at home, walking around the house in jeans and wanting to stretch or do some asana, but jeans don’t really cooperate well with much besides standing straight up or sitting for short periods of time. Since some of us are often too lazy to go and change clothes just for an impromptu stretching session, we end up missing out on the opportunity for a needed bit of health and relaxation. So another part of the motivation to create these pants was to improve the lifestyles of activity-prone guys, and to do it in high style.

As we were to learn, there's a reason why what we wanted wasn't already out there: Great men's yoga pants are almost impossible to design. It took us a year and a half and a huge amount of trial and error to just develop the right cut and fabric, and another 6 months to put together the right sources, manufacturing, and all the other ins, outs, and whathaveyous that go into making stellar clothes. But we pulled it off, and in about 2 weeks, they will be ready for you.

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